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Women of War Ministries Membership


Members of Women of War Ministries are women who are committed to seeking and serving God.  Once they have completed their ministry training, they will be well equipped to serve in most areas of ministry and will be prepared to help their pastors serve their communities.


Once you decide to become a new candidate in Women of War Ministries, your life will slowly begin to change.  Your relationship with God will intensify.  In addition, you will grow increasingly aware of who you are in Christ.  Finally, you will experience the indelible bond of love and sisterhood found among the members. 

New candidates enter an eight (8) month ministerial program before becoming an official full-fledged member.  During this period, candidates will be trained in various areas of ministry. They will learn different methods to evangelize.  Candidates will be actively shown ways of serving the sick and shut in. They will also be instructed on how to present the ministry of Communion and Baptism.  Finally, students will learn to prepare and present sermons.  This learning process will include in-class and virtual instruction as well as internships.  Upon completion students, will be inducted into full membership and will receive a Women of War Ministries certificate of completion.

No prior ministry experience is needed.

Please note that all new members are required to meet with Pastor Claudette Miles for a ministry consultation.
To request a consultation, email Pastor Claudette Miles at


Note: It is now time to renew your Women of War Ministries membership!  Membership is from January - December with two payment options.  Questions can be directed to Pastor Claudette Miles at 215.917.9976 or email:

Annual Membership Dues - $300

Membership year starts on January 1 and ends on December 1.

Full Payment - $300
Monthly Payment- $25- full balance due by December 1, 2023.

Click below to complete the membership application.

              Membership Application

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