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Affecting Change

We believe that Christian education and mentorship are keys to affecting change in people. We train ordinary everyday people to know their God and to do exploits. Since we strongly encourage Christian education, we provide several instructional vehicles. First, we offer weekly empowerment (bible training) sessions, then there are monthly Spiritual Warfare training sessions.

We also offer a comprehensive Evangelism Program. During this 9-month program students are trained in various areas of ministry such as: Prayer, Spiritual Warfare, Missions, Pastoral Care, Street Evangelism,

Faith, Spiritual Gifts/Fruit, and Ministry Development. Students also receive valuable ministry experience through internships. Finally, participants are guided through this training period through loving, “one-on-one” mentoring relationship.    


Making a Difference

We assist other organizations and ministries

who are providing aid to the disenfranchised

such as; children, seniors, the economic

disadvantage population, the unemployed and the homeless. We provide financial support to many of  these organizations as well as provide in-kind services supporting events. Students in our Evangelism Program train through internships with these agencies  and ministries. 


Creating Opportunities

Through our Economic Development Program

we provide job development and training in

businesses established by the ministry.