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Women of War Ministries is a Christian Women's Organization whose sole purpose is to build, develop, and cultivate ministry wherever needed.  We are an interdenominational ministry structured to display excellence, integrity, and power by example.  We provide the following services throughout the year to our members: The Bible Institute, Ministry Seminars, Evangelism Training, Outreach Projects, Retreats & Conferences. 

Do you want a greater spiritual experience?    Are you saying, "there must be more to church than this?  Do you feel that you are in a spiritual rut or standstill? If your answered is yes to any of these questions, perhaps Women of War Ministries is for you.



Members have access to all programs and services that are offered through the ministry. These are women who have graduated from the new candidates’ program and are ready to engage in ministry. Through this extensive training program, they will be prepared to effectively work in the churches that they attend. High level courses are regularly offered exclusively to members who want a more intensive study in prayer and spiritual warfare.

Members form a special bond and they become a part of a sisterhood.  More often than not, they love and support one another long after their graduation.



New candidates enter a one-year intensive training program. Prior spiritual training is not necessary. The program is designed to meet the student where they are at. The only prerequisite is a willingness to grow in their knowledge of God and their Christian faith.

Candidates are required to follow a carefully structured training curriculum which includes: a weekly bible study, monthly seminars, personalized mentoring sessions, fellowships and internships. Upon completion, students are awarded Evangelistic certificates in a graduation ceremony. They are inducted into Women of War Ministries as full members at this service.


Out-of-State Candidates

The headquarters for Women of War Ministries is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. However, we offer a comprehensive remote training program for national and international students. We encourage your participation.


If you are serious about establishing a closer relationship with God, and walking in your purpose in life, we invite you to join our ministry.

Membership dues for the ministry is $300 per year. It can be paid in full or monthly installments.

Membership dues can be paid in the following ways:

- Full payment $300 
- Monthly ($25) full payment due by December 1, 2023

Interested candidates can contact Pastor Claudette Miles for a ministry consultation at

                    Women of War Ministries 
                     2023 Membership Form

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Full Payment

$300 Membership
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$25 Membership Fee per Month (Paid Monthly until Paid in Full)

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