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Women of War Ministries is a 501c (3) organization and a Christian women's ministry established in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1998.  The goal of this ministry is two-fold to help develop people spiritually and economically.   

If you believe that God is calling you to come higher in Him, then you might want to consider joining this special community of women.  We are a strong sisterhood where "Iron sharpens Iron".  We are women who have been called by God to live righteously.  We stand in faith and believe that His Word is our truth.  We desire that the Love, Grace, and Power of God be revealed in our lives each day.


Women of War Ministries work to cultivate and develop spiritual growth in each participant.  Training sessions, seminars, conferences, and retreats are offered throughout the year to help attendees grow. Students are trained in various areas such as: Intercessory Prayer, Evangelism, Pastoral Care, Missions and Spiritual Warfare. Internships are provided to promote "hands-on" learning.  Upon completion, many of our students have gone on to Seminaries, and are now working in all areas of ministry.  Almost all of our members are actively serving in churches and/or their community.


Women of War Ministries have many valuable community partners. The Economic Development arm was created through a partnership with a local homeless shelter where our ministry first provided Bible Studies and quickly learned that people needed more.  Through another partnership with FDIC, Department of Labor, Pennsylvania Career Links, we began to teach a financial literacy program called, "Money Smart".  We taught in homeless shelters, schools, unemployment agencies, and churches.  We also offered free income tax preparation at our site.  Later, we established businesses to provide job readiness and job development training. We trained and employed participants from Pennsylvania Career Links, and the Korean Workforce development agencies.  We have a newly created business called, The Budget Grocer, a fresh seaf6od delivery business that provides sales, and customer service training, and marketing skills to the community.


Members of Women of War Ministries are women who are committed to seeking and serving God.  Once they have completed their ministry training, they are well equipped to serve in most areas of ministry and are prepared to help their pastors serve their communities.


Once you decide to become a new candidate in Women of War Ministries your life will slowly begin to change.  Your relationship with God will intensify.  In addition, you will grow increasingly aware of who you are in Christ.  Finally, you will experience the indelible bond of love and sisterhood found among the members. 

New candidates enter an eight (8) month training program before becoming an official full fledge member.  During this period, candidates are trained in various areas of ministry. They learn different methods to evangelize.  Candidates are actively shown ways to serve the sick and shut-ins, as well as present the ministry of Communion and Baptism.  Finally, students learn to prepare and present sermons.  This learning process includes in-class and virtual instruction as well as internships.  Upon completion, students are inducted to full membership during a graduation ceremony in which they receive an Evangelistic Ministry Certificate.  

No prior ministry experience needed.

The next new candidate orientation will begin Friday, September 22, 2023, from 7:00pm - 9:00pm. Registration required.

To register, please complete the online registration form.  Click here.

Questions, please email or call 215.917.9976.

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